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For Windows OS


•  Free (but Donations are Motivation!)

Feature list:


Full-screen editing. Get free from your computer and its distractions. Writemonkey’s full-screen mode hides it all away leaving just you and your text behind. Do more with less!


No installation necessary. Just copy files and directories in any folder on your machine. Writemonkey is very fast and responsive. The main executable is less than 1,6 MB in size.


Put Writemonkey installation on USB key and use it on any Windows computer.


Choose your own ui language (separate download), colors, fonts, page layout and many other aspects of the program. Customize info bar with the info items you want. Scale up your text for easy reading, save different profiles …


This is a donors only feature. Currently available plugins: Corkboards, Big Huge Thesaurus. Namely, Clipboard picker, Pomodoro timer, Quick search, Auto indent … More coming.


For maximum portability your work is stored in standard text files. Writemonkey is fully UTF-8 compatible and will recognize virtually all international characters. Supports other encoding standards ‒ Unicode, ANSII …


Writemonkey supports Markdown ExtraTextile and WikiCreole markup standards.


Highlighting helps you visually discern semantic chunks of texts (headings, block quotes, lists and comments). Writemonkey suports Markdown. Start any paragraph with two slashes “//” and the whole paragraph will be regarded as a comment. It will be dimmed on the screen and excluded from word count and all other statistics.


Use (or create your own) export templates to transform your plain text into well formatted documents. Great for printing first drafts.


Open files from Windows context menu, easily switch between full screen and normal mode, toggle recent files with CTRL+TAB, quick peep behind when in full screen mode (unique feature), quit to system tray or lock window on top …


Writemonkey is keyboard friendly software – all commands can be deployed with simple keyboard shortcuts. Even things like scrolling and selecting the text. If you prefer mouse, wm will play along …


Inspect your text using built-in statistics module. It will show you all sorts of counts ‒ words, characters, paragraphs, sentences, pages and more elaborate statistics like word frequencies, lexical density, Gunning Fog index … It will even tell you the aproximate reading time of your text.


If complete emptiness of the screen distracts you, enable austere Info bar that gives you some basic info – current time, file name in use, progress string, status string and live notices. Dock it to the top or bottom of the screen. Choose one of 5 horizontal positions for each info item. Customize info bar font size and opacity.


Intuitive and pleasantly austere progress bar for those who write stuff which needs to be of certain length. Journalists, writers …


Set timer to limit your writing to a certain time. Optionally put timer marker on progress bar.


Simple but handy bookmark system. Insert bookmark string anywhere in your text and use ALT+B or ALT+N to jump through them.

• JUMPS (unique feature)

An innovative keyboard friendly project management tool. Browse project files, bookmarks or provide your own jump masks that match your text formatting style. Filter by custom tags, merge documents …

• REPOSITORY (unique feature)

Document based repository mode. Store your notes, unfinished parts, data clippings or URL’s into the same text file. Simply toggle between main text and repository by pressing ALT + R.


Define short trigger strings that will be automatically replaced by corresponding target strings such as special characters, signatures, addresses, date-time stamps etc.

• LOOKUPS (unique feature)

Quickly open various web resources ‒ dictionaries, encyclopedias or thesauruses to find relevant info for the current word or selection. Define your own resources and corresponding keyboard shortcuts.

• SEGMENT FOCUS (unique feature)

Show only a segment of the current document and hide the rest. Gain focus on a section you are working on.


Travel back to the past with realistic typewriter sounds or clicks&clacks of old computer keyboards. Use other sound schemes or create your own.


An ergonomic feature that will allow your typing words to appear fixed at the certain vertical position of the screen.


Never lose your work with advanced backup/history system. The backup files are out of your way (no annoying .bak files in working directory!), but you can browse them easily if necessary. Cure for accidental deletes and save based disasters.


Set number of seconds between auto saves.


Print with current screen settings or use print specific formatting – font, line spacing, paragraph spacing and text alignment. Printing is “selection aware” i.e. you can print only currently selected text. Print preview is also available.


Spell check whole document or selection using OpenOffice dictionaries. Use built in thesaurus. All major languages are available for download.


You can use extended Windows desktop feature (in Windows display properties) and run Writemonkey in full screen on any monitor connected to your computer.


Writemonkey is compatible with great Firefox extension It’s All Text. Use it when writing text for your blogs, for web based e-mail … It works with any textarea on any web page. To use this extension set Writemonkey default character encoding to UTF-8 and check out Always save on exit (Preferences / Open&Save tab).


Be amused by random monkey wisdom in splash screen. More than 1000 quotes in database and growing …


Write monkey has some quirky hidden Easter egg features which are available only to donors. Two of them are “flow mode” and “tweet from writemonkey.”

From Writemonkey Website:

What is Writemonkey?

Writemonkey is a Windows zenware writing application with an extremely stripped down user interface, leaving you alone with your thoughts and your words. It is light, fast and free. With an array of innovative tools under the hood, it helps you write better. Editing is for another day …

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boookwyrm’s Thoughts:

So, we’ve read of people using this program for a long, long time now. The “copyright” at the bottom of the page says 2007! LOL The website is obviously a “programmer guy” website, looks very “dated” by a guy from Ljubljana, Slovenia. He’s not trying to sell you anything. He made a writing program and is letting other people use it. We like generous people like that! This is a simple program to do a big job with standard and some not so standard features, along with the “just plain humorous” features. We may just have to download and stick a story in it!

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