Series: The Myth-Guided Events Series by TaM D’Lyte

The Myth-Guided Events Series: Rat Cage (Prequel)

The Myth-Guided Events Series Scientists prophesied that Earth would hit critical population density somewhere between nine and fifteen billion. Who knows when that decisive turning point actually occurred. Just that it had and Mother Nature retaliated in the nicest possible way. BOOK DETAILSPRINT LENGTH: 15 PAGESPUBLISHER: PRONOUNPUBLICATION DATE: AUGUST 2, 2017LANGUAGE: ENGLISHISBN: 9781537865171 Rat Cage … Read more

Series: The Bittersweet Series by TaM D’Lyte (Romantic Suspense)

The Bittersweet Series is a three book character arc about the last, remaining members of a government endorsed, pseudo-syndicate style family, not of blood, but of bond. At the hub is a misogynistic, torture loving tyrant (The Godfather’s Devil) killed in a suspicious car accident along with his daughter. The first in the series is about Terese, the widow of the Godfather’s Devil, and her guilt about not being able to save the girl. The second in the series (Coming Soon) is about Malice, the dead man’s brother, and his revenge for the death of his brother. Not that he cared about his brother, not even a little, but because the hit taken out on his brother also killed the little girl, an innocent, that’s something he cannot forgive. The third in the series (Coming Soon) is a bit of a twisted mess for both characters. Their progression from victims of survivor’s guilt, to saviors of the innocent, is the story of every wounded warrior who pulls himself up by the bootstraps and rights the wrongs of the past.

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