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Writing Software: WriteItNow by Ravenshead Services

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• Free Demo (The download can do most things but it cannot save unless you buy it.) • Download Version $59.95 • CD Version $69.95


•  Windows •  macOS

Feature list:

WriteItNow is software for writing novels.

  • WriteItNow is designed to help anyone writing a novel.
  • Keep the novel text and all the background information in one place.
  • Each novel is saved in a single file.
  • The program has two main sections: one for chapters and scenes and the other for background details
  • Keep all your writing as chapters and scenes.
  • Keep background notes in the background details section.
  • Move chapters and scenes with the story board
  • Check who does what, where and when with the storyline editor.
  • Use the thesaurus, spelling checker, readability checker and cliche finder.
  • Keep an eye on how much you’ve written with the word count and writing targets.

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boookwyrm’s Thoughts:

We (royal) haven’t downloaded this program so can’t really judge it’s ease of use or such. And since this isn’t a deep review of the program, only our thoughts about it, well, there ya go! Let’s leave it to the people who DID do the deep review, eh? LOL Seems to have a typical navigation tree on left and section to write in on right. It may or may not be actively developed. Version 5 came out in 2015? Hard to say what’s going on. The website doesn’t have a forum or anything to gauge it on. What we (boookwyrm and the Cybernet Book gnomes) do like about the website, it has a ton of articles for writers hidden deep in the menu under “Other” and then “Writing Links.” Always good to have more information!

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