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Writing Software: Snowflake Pro by Randy Ingermanson

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The Huge, Ginormous, Almost (Giant)-Like, Ever-Growing List of Writing Software

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From Advanced Fiction Website:

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System Requirements: 15 MB of hard drive space. Java version 1.5 or later. (Java comes installed on most modern computers. If it’s not pre-installed on your machine, you can get Java FREE at the official Java web site here.) Here are the systems my team of testers have tested Snowflake Pro on:

  • On Windows XP, you’re good.
  • On Windows VistaWindows 7Windows 8, or Windows 10, you’re Xtremely good.
  • On a Mac, (TigerLeopardSnow LeopardLionMountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, or High Sierra), you’re Xceptionally good.
  • On Linux, if you have any recent distribution with Java installed, you’re good.

Please note that tablets and phones are not laptops or desktop computers. Snowflake Pro does not run on an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device.

Feature list:

  • A software form to work the writer through the Snowflake Method.
  • Audio Lectures
  • Lecture Notes
  • Help Notes
  • A Scene List allows you to see all your scenes at a glance.
  • Create a Proposal at the press of a button.

From Advanced Fiction Website:

A Challenge To Work Hard:

The bad news is that the Snowflake method makes you work. Let’s not fool ourselves that writing fiction is easy. If it were, everybody would be writing great fiction. Writing a novel is hard. The Snowflake method helps you organize your ideas, but it also makes you work. Hard. The Snowflake method has ten steps that include a high-concept story idea, a Three-Act Structure, a detailed character analysis, a synopsis, a scene list, and more. That’s some serious thinking you need to do.

Here’s What You Get in Snowflake Pro:

An easy form to work through each of the key steps of the Snowflake method:

  • Your one-sentence storyline. This is your most powerful selling tool for selling your book.
  • Your one-paragraph summary. If somebody asks about your “Three-Act Structure,” this is it in one paragraph. Memorize it before you talk to editors or agents.
  • Your character key info. Each character’s storygoals, ambition, epiphany, and other crucial information. If you don’t understand your characters, odds are it’s because you haven’t asked yourself the right questions yet.
  • A one-page synopsis. Grow this naturally from your one-paragraph summary. This is your baseline for creating the synopsis you’ll need for your editor someday.
  • Character sketches. These are terrific for inserting straight into a proposal because editors love character-oriented fiction.
  • A four-page synopsis. Grow this out from your one-page synopsis. With this in hand, you’ll know all the important turns in your story.
  • Character bibles. This is where you save all those pesky details you need to write three-dimensional characters. Take care of the details and your characters will take care of you.
  • A scene list. You can get this rolling by importing one of your synopses, then tweak it so you have an overview of every scene in your novel. This makes rearranging scenes in your novel a breeze. Includes a word-count projection so you always can estimate how long your novel will be.
  • Scene details. Any stray information that you need for each scene goes here. Don’t lose that info! Put it where you can’t miss it.

Audio help on each stage of the Snowflake. If you’re an audio learner, this will help lock it into your memory.

Text help on each stage of the Snowflake. If you need to see the words, this is for you.

Four example Snowflakes to show you how it’s done: Gone With The Wind Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Pirates of the Caribbean Pride and Prejudice

A button to create the skeleton of your proposal. Click that button, and Snowflake Pro will write an RTF file that contains the core of a proposal. Don’t be paralyzed by doubt about how to write a proposal.

The accumulated wisdom of 20+ years of a published novelist. I’ve published six novels. I’ve won about a dozen awards. The Snowflake method contains what I believe to be core to writing fiction. I have no patience for the fluff, so I left that out.

boookwyrm’s Thoughts:

We (royal, chuckle chuckle) used this program for a while. Years and years and years ago. The first few steps of the program were incredibly helpful by getting our nebulous “ideas” into actual written form. But then it started tightening down and got kinda restricting so we had to cut it loose! (Going with the metaphor here… LOL) We didn’t need a proposal or a synopsis so those were redundant reports for us since we were going to publish independently. However, back to that “incredibly helpful” aspect, all the audio/visual help along with the breakdown of the various movies and stories really illustrated what we needed to put into words and why. From the Snowflake website, the author says, “Some people like the method and some people don’t. And that’s okay. People are different.” We ended up losing our original discs, (Remember this was a long time ago. Now the program is a direct download) and so now need to see if we can recover the program from the author. See if he has our information still in the system after ten years, eh? LOL

Between yWriter and the Snowflake Method:

Anyways, even if you are an indie author, and don’t need all the “extra” white paper reports, this is an incredibly helpful program. Between yWriter and Snowflake, they do basically the same thing as far as chapters and scenes, (albeit in a completely different program form) however, snowflake “holds your hand” through the process and ywriter expects you to already know how to walk and run and whatever else you want to do! LOL

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