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Sites of Interest

Happy As Is - Social networking with freedom of speech,

opinions and beliefs. 100% Privacy Memberships on approval ONLY

The Delightful Horse - All Things Horse

Earth Collection - Art Gallery/Galerie

Checkerboard Farms - Andalusians and Friesians

Nina C Miller - Psychotherapist of over 30 years.

Sano Medical Center - Your choice for healthcare in Orange County.


Website Hosting

Happy As Is Website Hosting - Everything you need to start a new site, update an old site. cPanel, Plesk, Shared, VPS or Dedicated hosting. Webmail, your own email servers, unlimited website size, marketing tools...


Tech Sites of Interest

Happy As Is The Greeks Corner - Free computer help.

Beast-USA - No Fear Computers partner site.

Beast-USA - Remote Computer Repair

EVGA - The best video cards made.

Asus - The best motherboards made.


No Fear Customers


All No Fear Computers customers pages are still at the same web address you were emailed. And are being updated

to the new site. Your personal page address will never change :)